Online Business Solutions


Business Planning

·Mission helps our customers take their business online using our domain registrar, website builder, and e-commerce store builder services.


We started in business earlier this year in 2021, and Jean Padonou is the founder and executive chairman of the company.

Our service plans are very cost-effective and they are incredibly helpful for a business's good start.

·Projections and goals
Our goal is to grow our brand by improving our services to become really competitive in the market.



Quality Control

Our services will allow you to build a very professional and attractive website for your business using our high-quality templates. To demonstrate the point, this website was built and customized in our own domain using our own products; if you prefer, you can have your site built in your own domain as well.


We are offering manual domain registration services at a lower cost and very affordable hosting packages for you to get your business started.


We don’t take quality and customer satisfaction lightly; therefore, we are committed to working with our clients until satisfaction is reached.



Business Strategies

Our business strategy is to aggressively advertise our products online, compete with others based on the uniqueness of our products, and provide low-cost and high-quality services.


To stay competitive on the internet business platforms, we need to continuously work on improving the quality of our products and services.


In addition, we need to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied with the quality of our products and services in order for our business to grow quickly.


We are pretty sure that with a hard-working mindset, determination to achieve success, discipline, and honesty, we can achieve our business goal in the near future.